Vieryle Logo Design
May 24, 2017
Hope Foundation Business Card
May 24, 2017
  • TaskDesign a Banner

Project Description

I need someone to integrate my logo and some writing on a stand-up flyer. Measurements are 33 by 72. I do have my logo and what I want on the banner. Its just I want it put in a nice designed way to make the banner look good. Can anyone help??? I have attached my business card showing the front of the card is what I need to go on the top of the banner and the back of the card will be integrated into the middle all the way to the bottom. well, it is the logo we have on our webpage and everything else so the color has to be the same. we cannot change because people know us by this. ok now, how can we integrate the pic on the back of the card with the logo to fit perfect on the banner also the message that is on the back of the card including our contact information at the bottom of the banner? I don’t have the pic on the back its kids behind a fence with their hands up in the air. also the message that says without hope..despair and all the rest. I need two banners but different information. Same logo but the other banner I need to put message writing. But first, I need to see how this one comes out.