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May 17, 2017
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May 17, 2017
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Project Description

I am looking for an eye-catching design for a music showcase in NYC. The job needs to be done in about a day or two. Should have cohesive branding with the website. It should look similar in color and scheme to a website. It is for a concert. I’m trying to find some flyers that i like, but the only thing i really found is the walk the line – which is obviously not a photo or anything. I’m definitely thinking the main picture should be black and white then with a black, gray, white, red, blue color scheme. i just uploaded some flyers where i like some elements of the design. I like the guitar with NYC incorporated. The font should be most important. www.jamesbellx.com is the website that should give some light examples. I don’t really like his logo (its on the website) – but i like the idea of it. This one just doesn’t look as clean
The details are as follows:
Flyer should say:
US Debut / Showcase
Thursday, April 7th 10PM
The Bitter End
147 Bleeker Street
New York